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Canada-EU CETA Civil Society Forum Programme

  • 12 Nov 2019
  • Ottawa, Canada

The EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a landmark agreement that upholds and promotes the values shared by the EU and Canada. Under CETA article 22.5, Canada and the EU are to facilitate a joint annual Civil Society Forum, including participants from their domestic advisory groups, in order to conduct a dialogue on the sustainable development aspects of the CETA. Canada and the EU are to promote a balanced representation of relevant interests, including employers, unions, labour and business organisations, environmental groups, and Indigenous organizations as well as other relevant civil society organisations. Participation may also take place by livestream web-link.

The CSF sessions will be livestreamed and recorded. There will be a zone in the Forum room that is outside of the video livestreaming area.

The languages for the CSF are English and French. Live interpretation will be available for both languages.

To receive a registration form please contact us via email at CSFregistration-inscriptionFSC@international.gc.ca before November 1st 2019.

Time Details
8:30-9:30 Registration and welcome refreshments

Opening remarks, report on Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) Committee work, and instructions for the day

Participants have a key role to play in supporting the effective implementation of the CETA Trade and Sustainable Development, Trade and Labour and Trade and Environment Chapters.


Session I: Long-term approach to climate change, including mitigation and adaptation

Building on the “CETA: Taking Action for Trade and Climate” event and the “Canada-EU Cleantech Workshop”, participants are invited to discuss opportunities for joint actions under CETA to support technology innovation and deployment to address climate change, including adaptation and mitigation.     

11:30-12:30 Break

Session II: Canada-EU Cooperation on labour standards with third FTA partners

Under the CETA Trade and Labour Chapter, the Parties have committed to cooperate to promote the objectives of the chapter, through actions such as the exploration of collaboration in initiatives regarding third parties.


Session III: Early review of the TSD chapters

Following the October 2016 agreement on the Joint Interpretative Instrument, Canada and the EU reconfirmed their commitment to advancing the early review of the TSD chapters and agreed to intensify efforts, with a view to reviewing the implementation of the chapters, including their enforcement mechanisms, and to propose solutions and outcomes at the second CETA Joint Committee meeting and subsequent Joint Committee meeting as pertinent.

15:00-15:15 Refreshment Break
Open Topic Session

Session IV: Any other CETA Trade and Sustainable Development issues

Opportunity for participants to raise any other topics of interest related to the CETA Trade and sustainable development, Trade and labour, Trade and environment chapters

16:00-17:00 Summaries of the four sessions presented to TSD Committee co-chairs
17:00-17:30 Wrap up


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