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  • 01 Apr 2021 17:50 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Schiedam, the Netherlands, 1 April 2021 - Hans Vrijenhoef announces to step down as Chief Executive Officer of Proton Ventures with immediate effect. He will continue to serve as Non-Executive Chairman of the Management Board for at least another 3 years to support Proton Ventures Management Team in the continuation and growth of the existing business of green ammonia production technologies. Paul Baan will succeed Hans Vrijenhoef as of April 1st, 2021.

    Paul has proven to be an astute energy sector specialist through his longstanding career with several leadership positions amongst others at Ørsted and EON. Paul has an entrepreneurial mindset and a track record in letting businesses with technological leadership positions flourish. He is an engineer by background who has developed an excellent network in the B2B energy industry and strong understanding of Power to X technology and business cases.

    Hans Vrijenhoef said: “I am very happy that Paul is joining Proton Ventures as CEO and that we can work together on the energy transition. I am highly confident that under his leadership, Proton Ventures will prosper long into the future. His appointment demonstrates the strength of Proton Ventures’ innovative mindset and its thought leadership position in green ammonia production.”

    “It has been an honour and a pleasure for me to lead Proton Ventures during the last 20 years. Throughout this time, I have been humbled by the commitment and hard work of the Proton Ventures Team, and their passion for creating a truly purpose-driven company. I am very grateful to them, as I am also to the many Proton Ventures’  clients, partners and other stakeholders, with whom we have worked to build our long-term, sustainable business. I look forward to continue to engage with all stakeholders in the coming years to further drive innovation and execute engineering projects related to green ammonia production and storage.

    “I also look forward to continue to dedicate my time and my experiences to the recently announced TransHydrogen Alliance which we created together with VARO Energy, Trammo and Port of Rotterdam to announce our joint ambition to import up to 2 Million ton per year of green ammonia from solar and wind rich areas to Rotterdam.”

    Paul Baan said: “Hans is an exceptional business leader who has founded Proton Ventures, making it one of the most innovative engineering companies in its sector, and Hans is one of the most admired industry experts on green ammonia production in the world.

    I am pleased that Hans has committed his time and efforts to the company for several years and looking forward to our collaboration.

    Proton Ventures is a fantastic business. With its excellent team of engineers and professionals, existing clients and strong partner network there is a solid foundation for further growth. I feel privileged and excited to be asked to work with the Team and lead Proton Ventures into the next stage of its strategic development.  We have a shared passion; making the energy transition work.”

  • 25 Mar 2021 18:02 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    March 25, 2021 — Ottawa, ON — Canadian Institutes of Health Research

    Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects millions of people across the world. Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is the most common type, making up nearly 90% of all diabetes cases. T2D can result from a wide range of social, environmental and genetic factors. Obesity, an unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, lower socioeconomic status, and increased age are known to increase the risk of developing T2D. The condition disproportionately affects racialized communities. The prevalence of T2D is increasing, but many cases can be prevented.

    Today, Jennifer O’Connell, Member of Parliament for Pickering-Uxbridge and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health, announced, on behalf of the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health, a joint initiative between the Government of Canada and the Netherlands that aims to accelerate research to prevent diabetes and to improve the quality of life for individuals with T2D. The new Netherland-Canada Type 2 Diabetes Research Consortium is supported with funding from Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation, Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw), and Health~Holland.

    Led by Dr. Patrick Schrauwen at Maastricht University and Dr. Andre Carpentier at Université de Sherbrooke, the Consortium will explore whether the time of day when we eat or exercise, among other behaviours, has an impact on the prevention, reversal and remission of T2D. This research builds on the recognition that a disruption of the body’s biological clock through exposure to shift work, travelling across time zones, or a switch to Daylight Saving Time, as well as exposure to artificial lighting and digital screens, may result in disturbances in sleep, eating and exercise, which can affect the health and well-being of individuals.

    Canada’s contribution for this Consortium is part of CIHR’s 100 Years of Insulin: Accelerating Canadian Discoveries to Defeat Diabetes initiative. This initiative commemorates the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin and invests in new research that will support the development of new preventive and therapeutic approaches to reverse the upward trajectory of diabetes prevalence and associated morbidities, and reduce the impact of diabetes on individuals, families and communities.

  • 23 Mar 2021 11:48 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NCCC Patron member Proton Ventures BV, an engineering and development company in the Netherlands, together with Trammo DMCC, and VARO, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) for a joint initiative and mutual cooperation on the production and import of green hydrogen and green ammonia into Europe via Rotterdam, as well as export thereof from selected locations worldwide. The Port of Rotterdam Authority supports this consortium, especially in its effort to set up an import terminal in Rotterdam for these new supply chains.

    The consortium of parties (collectively, “Transhydrogen Alliance”) intends to start its collaboration with an initial project for the production of green hydrogen produced from solar and wind rich areas and the import of such hydrogen in the form of green ammonia into Europe. The initial project is expected to be completed by 2024.

    Following success of the initial project, “Transhydrogen Alliance” targets the import up to 500,000 tonnes of green hydrogen equivalent to up to 2.5 million tonnes green ammonia per year via the Port of Rotterdam.

    “Transhydrogen Alliance” offers a fully integrated team in the green hydrogen and green ammonia supply chain with knowledge and experience in technology, logistics and sales. Pricing is expected to be competitive compared to that of other supply chains for hydrogen production based on renewable energy.

    Hans Vrijenhoef, CEO of Proton Ventures: “Transhydrogen Alliance offers an integrated supply chain, with reduced costs for the import of green hydrogen and green ammonia into Europe. Through advanced technology we can make green energy available at an affordable cost. Proton Ventures, with its team of dedicated engineers, has been working on its state-of-the-art technology for over 10 years and in combination with renewable energy cost reductions our vision is becoming reality. We are very excited to be part of this group and look forward to working together with current participants as front runners in the energy transition.”

    For more information about the Transhydrogen Alliance, please contact Rianne Vriend-Vrijenhoef +31 6 10 54 45 01 rianne.vriend@protonventures.com

  • 06 Mar 2021 11:48 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Eerder deze week tekenden The Hague & Partners en InnovationQuarter tijdens een videoconferentie een overeenkomst om hun samenwerking en rolverdeling met betrekking tot de marketingacquisitie gericht op buitenlandse investeerders, bedrijven & organisaties te versterken. Doel van de samenwerking is om gezamenlijk efficiënter en effectiever bedrijven naar de regio Den Haag aan te trekken en te behouden.

    In de overeenkomst is uitgewerkt hoe de samenwerking en rolverdeling tussen de twee organisaties op het gebied van aantrekken en accountmanagement van buitenlandse bedrijven eruit ziet. De vernieuwing zit vooral in het samenwerken in zogenaamde multidisciplinaire programmateams, die strategisch en gericht op de voor Den Haag belangrijke sectoren zullen gaan werken. In deze teams zullen naast medewerkers van beide organisaties, ook vertegenwoordigers van Gemeente Den Haag en andere relevante partners plaatsnemen. De eerste sectoren, waarop op deze manier gewerkt zal worden, zijn Energie en IT/Tech.

    In den Haag zijn twee organisaties actief met het aantrekken van buitenlandse bedrijven: InnovationQuarter als regionale ontwikkelingsmaatschappij voor Zuid-Holland en The Hague & Partners als marketing & acquisitie organisatie van gemeente Den Haag. Tijdens een videoconferentie met medewerkers van beide organisaties en de Gemeente Den Haag tekenden Laurens Kok (Hoofd Foreign Investments The Hague & Partners) en Chris van Voorden (Hoofd Internationaliseren InnovationQuarter) in het bijzijn van wethouder Saskia Bruines (Economie, Internationaal, Dienstverlening), Rinke Zonneveld (directeur InnovationQuarter) en Marco Esser (The Hague & Partners) de overeenkomst om de al langer lopende samenwerking tussen beide organisatie op acquisitie te optimaliseren en officieel te bestendigen.

    Wethouder Saskia Bruines: “Het aantrekken van vooruitstrevende werkgevers die een aanvulling vormen op onze lokale (en regionale) economie is van groot belang. Ze creëren banen, versterken de economische weerbaarheid en vergroten het innovatief vermogen van onze stad. Nieuwe ondernemers leveren een belangrijke bijdrage aan de groei van onze economische ecosystemen en campusgebieden en onze doelstellingen op het gebied van o.a. duurzaamheid, vrede en recht. Daarvoor is het noodzakelijk dat alle partijen die zich hiervoor inzetten goed samenwerken. Effectiever samenwerken gaat echter niet vanzelf. Daarom wil ik echt benadrukken hoe belangrijk het is dat we dit samen gaan doen, waarbij samenwerking vanuit verschillende invalshoeken en expertises centraal staat.”

  • 01 Feb 2021 14:51 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Acquisition and Leveraged Finance Review, one of the guides of The Law Reviews, published by Law Business Research Limited, provides a business-focused legal analysis of and insight in the acquisition and leveraged finance practice in key jurisdictions worldwide. 

    Martijn Koot, partner in the banking and finance practice and the corporate law practice and Sandy van der Schaaf, senior associate in the banking and finance practice have contributed the "The Netherlands" chapter to the seventh edition of The Acquisition and Leveraged Finance Review, which is available as enclosed PDF.

    Read more at https://www.heussen-law.nl/

  • 29 Jan 2021 10:29 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Schiedam, the Netherlands / Paris, France, 19 January 2021Trammo DMCC, a subsidiary of Trammo, Inc., a leading global commodities merchandising and trading company, and Proton Ventures BV, an engineering company in the Netherlands specialised in ammonia technology, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) for joint cooperation on green ammonia projects.

    As part of the joint cooperation, Proton Ventures would construct green ammonia production units, storage facilities and import and export terminals (“NFuel Projects”) and subsequently supply the green ammonia produced through wind and solar energy to Trammo. Trammo, the world’s leading independent marketer and transporter of ammonia with more than 55 years of ammonia marketing and logistics experience, would offtake and market the green ammonia and transport it to customers around the world using its fleet of specialized refrigerated vessels.

    Christophe Savi, Head of Trammo’s Ammonia Division, said: “We are pleased and proud to use Trammo’s long-standing transportation and distribution expertise to develop green ammonia projects. Trammo strongly supports sustainable systems as well as environmentally friendly solutions and intends to participate actively, together with its existing suppliers and other participants, in the industry’s green transition. We believe that this innovative partnership with Proton Ventures will create great synergies between our respective companies, allowing us collectively to service the global decarbonization process while adding new key logistics solutions for many of our partners in the marketplace.”

    Hans Vrijenhoef, CEO of Proton Ventures, says: “We are thrilled with this MOU with Trammo. From a technical point of view Proton Ventures will take the lead to organize, design and execute NFuel Projects on behalf of our clients. We believe that the participation of Trammo as offtaker, with its extensive experience, reputation for reliability and global marketing network, will ensure the required offtake agreements for the projects.”

    About Trammo
    Trammo is a leading international merchandising and trading company that markets, trades, transports and distributes key raw materials used in industrial processes and fertilizer production globally.  The Company is a market leader in anhydrous ammonia, sulfur, sulfuric acid and petroleum coke.  In addition, Trammo is a producer and marketer of nitric acid in the United States.  The history of Trammo spans more than 55 years. For more information, visit: https://www.trammo.com/

    About Proton Ventures
    NCCC Patron member Proton Ventures, is a technology company that is working to make the global energy transition a reality.  The company specializes in ammonia related technologies and products, including storage concepts for chemical and liquid energy carriers. Proton Ventures designs and builds pressurised and refrigerated ammonia storage facilities, small scale ammonia production facilities ‘NFuel’ units as well as SCR processes. For more information visit: https://protonventures.com/

  • 11 Jan 2021 10:04 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Canada is holding consultations

    Implemented and administered by the department in accordance with the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA), TRQs for dairy, poultry and egg products are a key pillar of Canada’s supply management system and make significant contributions to the national economy.

    With the implementation of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), the number of supply-managed TRQs administered by the department increased from 18 to 54. Given the significant increase, the department undertook this broad-based engagement exercise to hear from stakeholders.

    The feedback received from Phase II of the consultations will inform the decisions of the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade in developing long-term TRQ policies. The long-term allocation and administration policies for each TRQ will be published on September 1, 2021.

    Who should participate?

    The Government of Canada would like to hear from all stakeholders with an interest in this matter, including:

    • the Canadian public;
    • provincial and territorial governments;
    • producers, processors, further processors, distributors, retailers, importers;
    • national and provincial industry associations;
    • small- and medium-sized business owners;
    • national, provincial, territorial and regional associations;
    • international trading partners; and
    • any other interested stakeholders.

    Additional information

    Participants are encouraged to review the background information including the Summary Report on Public Consultations: Phase I.

    How to participate

    To participate in Phase II of the consultations, interested parties are asked to review the policy options and provide comments before the close of the consultation period ending on March 5, 2021.

    If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance:

    Supply-Managed Trade Controls Division
    Global Affairs Canada
    111 Sussex Drive,
    Ottawa ON K1A 0G2

    E-mail: TRQConsultation.ConsultationCT@international.gc.ca

  • 05 Jan 2021 17:39 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Sphere 3D Corp. have announced that it entered into a definitive Share Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of NCCC member Rainmaker Holland BV (“RHBV” or “Rainmaker Holland”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. (“Rainmaker Worldwide” or “RAKR”) (OTC: RAKR). RHBV owns all of the RAKR intellectual property including its Air-to-Water and Water-to-Water technologies and current customer contracts and joint venture arrangements in Sri Lanka, The Bahamas and Jamaica, as well as a water distribution partnership with the Carlaw Group targeting Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

    The consideration for the purchase of RHBV includes:

    • The issuance of 11,350,000 Series F preferred shares of the Company and the issuance of warrants to acquire 500,000 Series F preferred shares at an exercise price of $2.00 per share for a period of two years; each Series F preferred share is exchangeable on a one-for-one basis into common shares of the Company for no additional consideration, subject to receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals;
    • The holders of the Series F preferred shares will enter into a 36-month lock up agreement with a leak-out provision that permits an aggregate of 100,000 of the underlying common shares to be released monthly commencing on the 4th month following the closing date (the “Lock-up and Leak-out Agreement”);
    • Cash consideration of $1,960,000 payable to third parties to cancel certain royalty agreements as follows: $500,000 on the 10th day after the date of closing and the balance on the 90th day following the date of closing;
    • Sphere 3D has agreed to amend the $3.1 million secured advance it previously made to Rainmaker Worldwide to extend the repayment term to 48 months and reduce the face value by $362,000 in return for certain assets being transferred to the Company as part of the Purchase Agreement.
    • The Series F preferred shares provide that the maximum number of common shares that they can be exchanged for, without prior shareholder approval, is 1,572,000 common shares (inclusive of any shares subject to the Lock-up and Leak-out Agreement).

    The closing of the transaction is expected to occur on or about January 14, 2021, and is subject to NASDAQ approval and any other board and/or regulatory approvals, as applicable.  The previously announced merger transaction between the Company and RAKR has been mutually terminated, without any payments being made by either party.

    The Company further announces that upon closing of the transaction, Peter Tassiopoulos, the current CEO of Sphere 3D, will transition his role to Executive Chairman and will remain as a director.

    In addition, Michael Skinner has agreed to join the Company, post-closing, as the interim CEO to assist with the integration of RHBV.  Michael most recently served as CEO of Rainmaker Worldwide and was instrumental in transitioning Rainmaker from a product company to a Water-as-a-Service provider. Michael brings extensive expertise in corporate transformation and product commercialization from his experience as Founder and CEO of Operitel Corporation, previously one of Canada’s fastest growing E-Learning/E-Commerce providers which was sold to OpenText Corporation and CEO of the Innovation Cluster, a publicly funded business incubator supporting technology-driven companies in the fields of Cleantech, Healthcare and Digital Technology.  Michael currently serves as the Advisory Board Chair for the Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT), an internationally recognized water and wastewater research institution

    Joost Oosterling, Rainmaker’s co-founder and Managing Director of Europe and Joost Dessing, Chief Technology Officer will continue in their roles with Rainmaker Holland BV.

    Peter Tassiopoulos, current CEO of Sphere 3D, stated “The acquisition of RHBV presents a great opportunity for our shareholders to invest in the growing global water market. With recent estimates from the WHO claiming about 2.1 billion people around the world lack access to clean drinking water¹, the need to provide new technologies and approaches to solving this crisis has never been greater.  We believe that the increased access to capital and resources available to the team at RHBV will allow us to collectively work towards supplying more communities affected by water scarcity with clean water. The accumulative years of experience in the technology and cleantech industries should help increase our collective capabilities to impact global water issues while leveraging a number of Sphere 3D’s current partners both here in the US and internationally.”

    ¹Source WHO | Progress on drinking water, sanitation and hygiene

  • 09 Dec 2020 18:09 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Madrid, December 1st 2020 - Applus+, the Spanish based testing, inspection and certification company, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the entire share capital of Canadian company QPS Evaluation Services Inc (QPS), from the founding partners. 

    QPS is a product certification company for a wide range of industrial, medical and electrical and electronic (E&E) products including equipment and devices used in hazardous locations (explosive atmospheres). It has the technical expertise, resources and a wide range of relevant accreditations nationally, regionally and internationally to enable manufacturers worldwide to place and sell their products in over 50 countries with a focus on its home markets of Canada and the USA using its own officially recognised certification mark, and increasingly in the European Union. 

    QPS has 133 employees and an extensive presence throughout Canada including an advanced testing laboratory in Toronto, several key locations in the USA, four in Europe including Nijmegen, and manages Asia from its base in South Korea. Furthermore, it maintains an extensive global network of partner laboratories, of which Applus+ is one. 

    It was founded in Canada 25 years ago by the President and owned and operated by the current three senior managers all of whom are committed to remain with the business for several years to ensure a smooth integration with Applus+. 

    Revenue in 2019 was c. €16 million and grew organically at a double-digit rate over the previous year. After a small decrease in 2020 due to the disruption of business from the Coronavirus, it is expected to return to strong growth in the short and medium term. Given the highly specialised nature of business, coupled with a strong value proposition, high barriers to entry and an excellent reputation for outstanding service and technical expertise, the company is highly profitable with profit margins significantly above that of the Laboratories division. 

    The persistent increase in the number of products that now contain E&E components, together with increased regulations is driving rapid growth in the certification market for E&E. Combined with the wide range of certifications and approvals that Applus+ Laboratories holds for electromagnetic compatibility testing and for wireless communications, and using the Applus+ extensive global market presence, provides strong opportunities for growth beyond what either business alone can achieve. 

    Jordi Brufau, Executive Vice President of the Laboratories Division, said: "As a testing and certification partner of QPS over the last three years we have come to know them well and we have always been impressed with their professionalism, customer centric approach and prioritisation of service quality. We look forward to working closely with them and developing a global expansion plan that will better serve manufacturers by increasing the number of services provided for electrical products and developing new customers in countries across our network.”

    Fernando Basabe, Chief Executive Officer of the Applus+ Group, said: “We are pleased to be able to continue our acquisition strategy after the successful recent acquisitions of Reliable Analysis and Besikta. With QPS we have bought a third excellent company that is a good fit with Applus+ and aligned with our strategy to grow the Laboratories division into a global provider of testing, inspection and certification.” 

    John Gulino, President of QPS, said: “We are extremely proud of the dedication and professionalism of our staff and the achievements we have made in the Certification, Inspection and Testing field over the past 25 years. QPS has grown to become a major competitor in North America and joining forces with Applus+ will enable us to provide more comprehensive solutions on a more global basis.”

    For more information, contact NCCC member Maurice Hoendervangers
    Area Director, QPS Europe. 

  • 23 Nov 2020 15:38 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) Webinar Series, offers Canadian exporters lessons about how to develop online strategies, showcase their products virtually and find success in e‑commerce markets around the world.

    As well as focusing on leveraging e‑commerce platforms like Alibaba, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook and Instagram, the series has expanded to include special topics like online marketing opportunities and challenges in European markets. The European Union (EU) e‑commerce webinar was organized by Aliénor Fagette, the trade commissioner at the Mission of Canada to the EU in Brussels who is responsible for digital industries, helping Canadian companies understand and comply with the EU regulatory framework.

    Fagette, who covers e‑commerce, data protection, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, as well as standards and certification for information and communications technologies, says that in the EU market, shopping online has “become a lifeline for many people.” This is likely to continue as lockdowns persist, she says, noting that older people who were traditionally less likely to shop online now realize its convenience, and they intend to keep it up in the future.

    “This means that the EU e‑commerce market, which was already experiencing high growth rates, is likely to expand more quickly, which means more business opportunities for Canadian exporters,” she says. Certain sectors are particularly benefiting from the pandemic, including health care, sports, groceries and consumer electronics, while fashion, tourism, travel and the event industry are suffering.

    She advises Canadian businesses looking to get into e‑commerce in Europe to undertake in‑depth market research, because the region is diverse and companies may need to adapt their market‑entry strategy for each country. They should also assess at an early stage what type of regulatory requirements they will need to meet in order to export their products and services to the EU via e‑commerce.

    The CanExport SMEs program has been revamped to allow SMEs and entrepreneurs to apply for funding toward e‑commerce business activities such as the adaptation of online marketing tools, including websites, and digital business consulting.

    Please read: Q&A: Focus on e‑commerce in the EU market

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